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Boulder Integrated Survey Analytics

Data transformation, text classification, visualization and reporting

Boulder's survey analytics solutions are vendor independent and provide for the automated processing of structured and open response survey data and integration across the enterprise.  Works for all survey types. Using a cognitive agent taxonomy designed for your enterprise, we enable segmenting the open-ended responses so they can be immediately routed to the appropriate departments for action.  Interactive dashboard analytics enable detailed analysis, high level aggregation for management, customization and timely distribution.

Survey Types

  • Customer

  • Supplier

  • Employee

  • Reviews

  • Website

  • Interviews

  • structured 

  • open (text) 

  • Net promoter

Website Survey Dashboard Analytics


  • Survey vendor independent

  • Thousands of verbatims processed at machine speed

  • Custom reports and distribution alerts

  • Theme classification to sort, distribute and report trends

  • Theme detection across mixed media, channels, customer journey and surveys

  • Sentiment and entity extraction

  • Integration with previous surveys, existing databases, applications and survey vendors

  • Fast deployment, cloud or on-premise installation

Our survey analytics in combination with interview and research analytics solutions will convert years of survey and marketing data into a knowledge repository yielding valuable insights. Our process insures rapid accurate deployment for immediate results. 

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