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Boulder Sector Fundamentals 

Equity Research Industry Data Integration

Fundamental qualitative research for Sectors and Industry Groups and designed to bring you the information you didn't know to ask, data discovery not search.  Drill down capability to source data, financials, topics, entities and sentiment. Full download capabilities of statement details to fit your models. Developed as a complement to our BECT and CI products for custom and longer term analysis beyond earnings and press releases.

Boulder Sector Fundamentals (BSF) is a set of more than 10 Tableau dashboards that provide all the fundamental equity research for the biggest sector companies.  Developed for equity investors and industry financial analysts, this unique Analytics as a Service (AaaS) combines data, domain expertise, technology and a secure portal to simplify your work, speed up research, and extract profitable insight.

BSF eases the pain of fundamental research: reading long, boring SEC filings for only a handful of answers. For all public US companies in your industry or ETF, the interactive dashboards include SEC filings, including 8-Ks, 10-Ks, and 10-Qs, and earnings transcripts. Finding answers is easy.  Using our proprietary AI technology we extract topic trends, entities, and sentiment for each paragraph in every document.

In fundamental research you are aiming to answer a set of questions, get to them quicker, drill down to the paragraph level where they talk about the topic and extract the relevant information for your report. If a paragraph piques your interest, read the paragraph or hyperlink to the specific section for more context. You can also compare MD&A, Financial Notes, Risk Factors or other sections for a company for past quarters.

BSF is available as a data and dashboard supplement to other BEA annual subscriptions for any combination of sectors, custom baskets of equities and custom search screens and analytics tailored to your needs. It is delivered online via through a private login.

Contact us for a demo and subscription plans tailored to your needs.

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