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AI for Market, Equity & Competitive Analysts, Media Relations and Product Managers -

Tools for a Smarter Faster World

The world has changed. Why are you using the same tools? 


No client is the same.  No quarter is the same. No product is the same. Comps change constantly. News and research piles up unread. Prebuilt analytical and data modules allow us to quickly create interactive services tailored to you.

Boulder’s analytics are for investor, media relations, industry, marketing, and competitive intelligence analysts who need to stay current without missing long terms trends and related industry developments. Our services extract advanced analytics, tone, sentiment and themes from news, research, SEC filings, earnings calls, industry and government data. Accessed via the Tableau Online platform, web portal, mobile app or email, you will -

  • Be prepared for management, client and board meetings

  • Use topic analytics to monitor trends curated by domain experts

  • Be the first to spot changes in your competitor’s financial condition

  • Measure your investor messaging and compare with competitor's calls

  • Analyze the analysts covering your industry 

  • Outsource your data extraction, transformation and cleaning 

  • Publish your reports with fresh analytics and qualitative metrics

We have a better way.  All information worth tracking one service delivered to your desktop or mobile  Get the big picture fast with rankings, financial health, trends and topics and tone.

We streamline the grunt work with cost effective standard and bespoke solutions.


Boulder Earnings Call/SEC Tracker - detailed topic and tone analytics for every paragraph of every call, filing and press release, including sections for industry, analyst, management intro and call breakdown. The PR/IR Edition provides custom portfolios for your company and comps. This service includes US public companies including all of the S&P 500 with sector and sub sector comparatives. It also includes quarterly and on demand data exports for detailed off line analysis and integration with your CRM and data models. Expand to include full media relations coverage.


Boulder Competitive Intelligence our CI solution includes detailed financial competitive analysis for the product managers, competitive and industry analysts. This service gets you the big picture fast: rankings and financial health, trends and topic heat maps. It comes with income statement waterfalls, balance sheet, cash flow details and ratios with drill down to accounting notes and financial disclosure details. New additional features include industry news, research and government data.

Boulder Survey Analytics - our customer survey analytics solutions provide for the automated processing of structured and open response surveys and the integration of VOC data across the enterprise.  Using cognitive agent taxonomy designed for each enterprise, this enables segmenting the open-ended responses so they can be immediately routed to the appropriate departments for action.  Interactive dashboard analytics provide detailed analysis as well as high level aggregation for management at lower TCO.


Boulder Custom Solutions - our solutions have their roots in our custom solutions projects with companies like FedEx, SwissRe, Boeing and NASA. Organization's have tremendous stores of knowledge locked up in databases and repositories.  We uncover new insight in existing data sets for  through the use of artificial intelligence to discover hidden patterns or trends in structured and unstructured data. Our approach allows clients to take full advantage of their existing data-collection/storage infrastructure with solutions integrated with legacy systems and standard BI tools inside the firewall or via web-based applications. 

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