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Boulder News Analytics

Sector News Monitoring for Key Themes and Developments

Available as a supplemental service for clients, BNA includes the integration of trusted news feeds to existing dashboards or as a standalone capability.  BNA provides analytics for topics and trends while gauging sentiment. Parse through increasing amounts of news , faster and with less errors, to find the themes, topics and articles that meet your requirements.


Key feature is tracking dashboards to monitor media for mentions, sentiment and context for your company, competitors, products and people.

Boulder News Analytics (BNA) takes existing news feeds of any kind and uses our proprietary AI technology to "read" them along with our tone, theme, sentiment and entity extraction for each paragraph within each article. Analyze topic trends within articles. Articles that meet certain requirements for your research (e.g. looking at articles with your company mentioned). See how the sentiment of the paragraph reflects on your research topic. Compare entities with topics and sentiment. Interact with your data in ways even we wouldn't think possible.

It’s a perfect complement to our other products as it tells you what the world is saying about you and your competitors, or the specific industry you are interested in. It's also perfect for market research. This product can be customized  to integrate an industry news feed with your research framework. It is accessed via a Tableau login, web portal, mobile app or as a dataset for data scientists.


Contact us for a demo and subscription plans tailored to your needs.

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