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Boulder Earnings Call/SEC Tracker

Qualitative analytics are becoming a standard tool in the equity analysis process. Earnings calls contain headline news and other subtler signals that can indicate new problems and opportunities going forward. SEC filings provide the ground truth with financials and hundreds of pages of disclosure, footnotes and risk factors. As market information picks up velocity, we help you and your team spot these signals and insights thru qualitative analytics, faster and more efficiently. We have two editions to help you with key questions.

  • Is management consistent, truthful and on message?

  • Do their filings support the statements on the calls?

  • Was there negative sentiment/tone during the call?

  • Are there changes in themes and key indicators?

  • What were the top analysts focused on and will they change their rating?

Boulder Earnings Call Tracker - Analyst Edition - this service includes an expanded set of US public companies including all of the S&P 500 with sector and sub sector comparatives. Detailed topic and tone analytics for every paragraph including sections for industry, analyst, management intro and call breakdown.

Every earnings call represents risk or opportunity for market participants whether trading short term on the surprises or long on fundamental key indicators. As many as 190 calls can be scheduled in the same week with many on the same day leaving little time to listen, read, analyze and report before the market opens. As an analyst professional, our Analyst Edition will improve your performance.


Boulder Earnings Call Tracker - Investor Relations Edition - this service has the analytics of the full BECT product with custom portfolios for each of your clients and their comps.  It also includes quarterly and on demand data exports for detailed off line analysis and integration with your CRM and data models. It can be customized with news and SEC filings to provide broader metrics for media relations and cross content analytics.


BECT/IR helps you improve and measure critical aspects of IR performance while saving you time


Call Management

  • Analyst Analytics help you decide which analysts to call on and in which order during the call.

  • Analyst Analytics help prepare management for the questions most likely to be asked each analyst.


Management Presentation and Intro

  • Comp heat map provides quick scan of tone and trends for all your comps.

  • Call Analytics provide qualitative tone metrics for each paragraph of the intro remarks so you can prep your client’s language to avoid or minimize uncertain, contentious and litigious language. 


Analyst Management

  • Analyst Analytics has the text of all questions (and answers) so you can tailor your pitch for each analysts. 

  • Analyst Analytics to help you improve your relationship with the analyst community.


PR/IR Firms, win new clients with analytics and visualizations that demonstrate your performance

Contact us for a demo and subscription plans tailored to your needs.

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