Boulder Custom Solutions

  • Take control of your research with BI dashboards for interactive discovery

  • Query your repository by topic, entity, sentiment, data, location, author with intuitive UI

  • Append additional metadata and index to other databases, internal and external

  • Solutions are delivered from the cloud

  • Use the data to power applications

  • Cost effective for projects or production

A file list with a search bar is not a knowledgebase. You should be able to access, summarize, explore, analyze and interact with your data. Let us convert it into a knowledgebase. 


Your (re)search should look like this.

Your knowledge is buried in repositories full of documents… this “dark data” can be a powerful knowledgebase

  • Strategic Plans

  • Financial documents

  • Research reports

  • Technical manuals

  • Contracts

  • Transcripts of interviews

  • Marketing Survey responses

  • Operations Issue Reporting

Why compromise when you can have a custom solution for the same price?


Our custom solutions are developed around our core competencies in data transformation, text attribute extraction, artificial intelligence, industry and operations experience, and interactive visualizations. With detailed examination of our client's problem, we build custom solutions that enable new insight and faster decision making.

The knowledgebases we create are clean, enriched and ready for predictive modeling or additional analysis with artificial intelligence. They also provide context for a higher degree of machine understanding and lead to new ways of performing tasks. The underlying data transformation also supports integration with IoT systems, allowing you to analyze feedback from various parts of a complex process in real time. 


Finally, we deploy/distribute the insight using your favorite BI tool like Tableau, custom web portals and mobile apps. Real time dashboards bring up-to-date analytics directly into the your workflow. Combined with artificial intelligence, our system can identify real-time changes in trends, disruptive forces that are gaining prominence, or customers who are unsatisfied. Textual analysis of unstructured data combined with these analytics can identify specific complaints or issues, allowing clients to get ahead of problems before they gain local or national attention. 

Our custom solutions are built through a series of iterative discussions with our clients so that we can quickly pinpoint their business needs, build the solution and get them into production for max ROI.


Please reach out to us to discuss your needs.


Our work over the past five years includes custom solutions for enterprise and government (NASA).  These projects span operational solutions such as a customer verbatim classification project to strategic solutions such as technology roadmap development for NASA. The sources of the data include public/regulatory filings, databases, research repositories, SQL data, online customer reviews, email, news feeds and even dream narratives.

We have provided some screenshots below of some of our work. We can provide your team capability in data collection, cleanup and shaping for analysis, topic modeling, classification, attribute extraction, dashboards (Tableau) and web application or mobile apps for distribution of info/insights.


Earnings Calls- Analyst Topics Using both ngram, cloud, bump and bar charts to identify topics, sentiment, and litigious tone, we breakdown management performance and analyst concerns (and bias) in earnings calls.

Commercial Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate

Entity and Topic Tracking More thorough than keyword counts, our tracker dashboard with alerts monitors and charts changes continuously across all content in your industry. People, companies or products with drill down to location, source, article and topic.


Industry News Analytics Standard and custom industry news analytics to spot trends, deals, problems and product announcements. Curated sources keep out the fake news with geo filters to localize your analysis.

Academic Research
Academic Research

Dreams Custom set of 37 topic agents used to analyze 1000s of dream narratives. Goal was to enrich the user experience and power the largest study of dreams ever completed.

Oil & Gas industry
Oil & Gas industry

Dynamic Network Analysis Graphically examine the relationships between people, companies and the media. Select the person and get bio, employer and contact information. Uncover unknown relationships and interests to power sales, marketing and media research.


NASA Technology Roadmaps Project mined NASA research repositories to extract findings relevant to development of technology roadmaps to support future missions. Interactive and topical research dashboard reduced engineering time 80%.