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Boulder Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence (CI) as a Service

Competitive Ecosystem Analytics for Industry analysts, investor relations and enterprise analysts - comparative financials; income statements, balance sheets, cash flows and ratios, deltas and rankings vs competitors. Topic navigation sparks insight with Excel download capability for all detailed financials.  Custom, configurable or standard, solutions come with full sector/industry news, industry research and government data.  For Standard check to see if your industry is available 

Boulder Competitive Intelligence (BCI) is a set of more than 30 presentation ready Tableau dashboards with interactive, comparative financial data for your company and other public companies critical to your business ecosystem.  This unique Analytics as a Service (AaaS) combines data, domain expertise, technology and a secure portal that simplifies your work, speeds up your reports and reduces your cost.



  • Standardized data from public filings saves time

  • Dashboards, charts, ratios customized for comps & suppliers

  • Financial and market data to compare valuation metrics

  • Export the financials to complete your models

  • News alerts, industry, regulatory and macro economic data

Get the big picture fast: rankings and financial health, trends and topic heat maps. Then drill down with the income statement waterfalls, balance sheet, cash flow details and topics.  Spot competitors changes in risk factors or accounting standards. Perfect for IR or small company CFOs that are stressed to bring data current at the end of each quarter. 


​Developed by a team of competition, AI, analytics and visualization experts, BCI shows your company and competitors’ financials in a consistent, standardized and easily digestible manner. Using the financials to spot issues and trends, the AI engine powers drill down to the disclosure text in the filings: no need to pull up a 10-K, 10-Q, or Earnings Transcript and look for the narrative.


​Filters adjust for financial category (e.g. income, cash flow, balance sheet, ratios), company, growth measure (e.g. quarter over quarter, year over year, CQGR), TTM and displayed time span.  Custom filters can be added based on your company’s need.

​The BCI dashboard is available as a cost effective annual subscription.  The standard financial service includes comparatives for publicly traded competitors, suppliers or customers.  It is delivered online via Tableau Online or through a private web portal.  Subscription tiers depend on the customization, information sources and macroeconomic data desired. Custom integration with internal KPIs can be provided.

Are you competitive?

Coming soon are domain specific competitive intelligence solutions for select industries. We have already completed cognitive agent libraries (over 1500 agents total) for each sector and have been using them in SEC filing and earnings transcript analytics.  Our first release is in the Energy group.  The exhaustive data sources include public filings, press releases, industry news sources, company RSS feeds, M&A activity, political and regulatory announcements.

Our service is different from existing news services in the following way:

  • Expert curated authentic and credible public sources updated daily

  • Current View -  i.e. what’s happening now, with alerts

  • Tracker Views - custom screeners to track, graph and monitor for people, events and companies using combination of attribute filters

  • Network analysis to uncover relationships between companies and people

  • Proprietary knowledgebase supports research on demand for historical trends and analytics

  • Support for analyst interactive data discovery through export to Tableau, Spotfire, etc

  • Support for data export and publishing to internal subscribers

  • Custom desktop and mobile app available for distribution

  • Fully customizable for integration of enterprise data sources and repositories


Our industry intelligence products are an affordable, expert, domain specific to provide a foundation for strategic and operational decision support, including enterprise AI initiatives.


Contact us to see our Oil & Gas Industry demo and discuss subscription plans tailored to your needs.

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