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Market, Competitive, Industry, and Equity

Tableau Dashboard for Research

AI for Analysts

Industry analysts don’t need another firehose of information or a black box. You need to see through the noise. You need custom data transformation with AI powered analytics and visualizations. You need them fast and you need them now.


Convenient Comparative


Enterprise Analysts

Competitive intelligence, marketing, quality, portfolio and custom text analytics for business intelligence, always up to date and delivered to your desktop with Tableau visuals that can be quickly incorporated into reports. Get your head out of Excel and get promoted.

Investor Relations

Complete tear down of every earnings call with your comps, new analysts, topic changes and question sentiment so you can prepare your team. Linguistic analysis of your intro comments to spot issues and better coach your CEO/CFO team. Independent PR/IR pros can use the analytics to pitch new clients.

Equity Research Analysts

Research is becoming more competitive. The pressure to cover more companies and deliver alpha insight is more intense.  From earnings call analysis to fundamentals, enriched with industry sources, our tools deliver day one. Customize them and set your reports apart with cutting edge visuals and better ratings.

Product Managers

Good product management requires data of all types from strategic competitive intelligence to customer surveys to production analytics measuring feature mix, deliveries and quality control. Success requires an analytics partner with domain experience, technology, data collection and transformation, and interactive UI/UX capability.


"3000 pages analyzed.  Six months worth of work done in 2 weeks."

Greg Funaro, NASA ACO Marshall Space Flight Center

"Before I got BEA's competitive intelligence service, I always ran out of time to actually “analyze” the results”.

Earl Harvey, Senior Competitive Analyst 

Tableau Dashboard for Research

About Us


We are domain experts with proprietary A.I. technology, applications and data sources used to provide industry equity and competitive intelligence analysts with services, software, and analytics to increase productivity, speed, savings, and insight.

We offer personalized analytics services, collection and data transformation for data scientists.

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